Matthew Thorne

Matt is a director of the company, a registered surveyor and town planner with over 29 years experience in the land development industry.

Matthew Thorne
Town Planner | Registered Surveyor | Director
  • Fletcher inter-modal rail development coordinating the planning approval and design of a new rail siding and the ongoing design and approvals for the related uses.
  • Grangewood Estate (420 residential lots). Ongoing management providing survey, civil engineering and planning services for the estate.
  • Southlakes Estate (400 residential lots). Ongoing management and planning of the lot layout design, Council approvals, civil design and subdivision staged releases of the estate.

"I have an excellent understanding of the key development issues and the expectations of stakeholders across the region."

Matt has been involved in all types of development projects in the region ranging from broad acre subdivision to medium density developments and aged care projects. Matt has extensive experience liaising with local and state government authorities, elected councillors, developers, other specialist consultants and industry representatives.

Matt is regularly called upon to coordinate discussions with stakeholders involved in developments and land use applications, negotiations for rezoning proposals and specialises in addressing land titling issues associated with complex development projects. He has worked in the region since 1990 and has formed strong relationships with other parties within the development industry. Matt has an excellent appreciation of the key development issues and the expectations of stakeholders across the region.

Career Highlights:
• Joining Hoynes, Wheeler and Company in 1990.
• Becoming a shareholder in 1992 and Chairman of the company in 2008.
• Achieving Registration as a Surveyor and then several years later gaining Planning qualifications to compliment the survey skills.

  • B. Surv, Grad Dip Urb. & Reg. Planning,
  • Registered Surveyor
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