Our Services

Geolyse is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm and delivering quality, project specific services throughout NSW in the fields of Civil, Environmental and Structural Engineering, Town Planning, Surveying, Architecture and Environment. Geolyse’s team of industry professionals has the expertise to provide a diverse range of services to help get your development projects underway.

At Geolyse we believe our long term business sustainability depends entirely on the success we achieve for our clients. We see the repeat customers and sustained growth we have achieved in our 25 year history as one of the most significant indications that we are meeting – or exceeding – the demands of clients who quite rightly expect the best.

This is why at Geolyse we aim to ensure our clients are provided with a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing them with innovative solutions, socially responsible outcomes and quality service.

The Geolyse team of Town Planners, Environmental Scientists, Architects, Civil, Environmental and Structural Engineers and Surveyors are well known for their innovation within their respective industries. This vast skills portfolio allows us to undertake projects regardless of complexity, scale or locality.

Our Services include:

We believe the best outcomes are those that meet clients needs for quality, are on time and within budget so that the project can be completed.

We can and have provided an integration of all our services to plan, design and seek approval for projects ranging from the simple to the highly complex and controversial.

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