Our Environmental Services

Geolyse has a team of environmental consultants who are highly skilled and experienced in all areas of environmental impact assessment, environmental management and engineering and ecological assessment.

We provide a range of Environmental Services including:

Environmental Impact Assessment
With a vast knowledge of legislation and consent authority criteria, Geolyse is able to complete environmental impact assessments (EIA) across a broad spectrum of infrastructure and natural management projects.

  • Statements of Environmental Effects.
  • Reviews of Environmental Factors.
  • Environmental Impact Statements.
  • State of Environment reporting.

Environmental Services Management
Our Environmental services cover all areas of environmental management from environmental auditing and training, through to preparation of Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and the implementation of environmental monitoring and performance reporting.

  • EMP’s for regional waste management facilities and construction projects.
  • Due Diligence Training Programs.
  • Annual Environmental Management reporting.
  • Waste management and minimisation auditing.
  • Environmental monitoring and assessment.

Ecological Assessment
The focus of our ecological services is to provide innovative solutions to achieve the highest level of outcomes for our client, the environment and the wider community by applying scientific rigour, the latest information and technology and detailed research to all projects undertaken.

  • Flora and Fauna Assessments.
  • Species Impact Statements.
  • Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Plans.
  • Feral animal management and monitoring.

Mining Operations Plans
Geolyse has a project team with a demonstrated capability in preparing Mining Operations Plans in accordance with the current guidelines, ESG3: Mining Operations Plan (MOP) Guidelines, September 2013. With engineering, environmental and surveying services available at Geolyse, and a project manager with geoscience qualifications and mining experience, we are well equipped to prepare new MOPs and update existing MOPs to comply with the current guidelines.

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