Town and Rural Planning

The Geolyse approach to town planning using our multi-disciplinary capabilities means our clients benefit from an integrated outcome on all projects. Our vast experience and broad project knowledge allows us to strategically focus on all planning and development proposals while attending to a clients specific needs.

Expert advice from our experienced and knowledgeable team of town planners ensures the often complex planning process is made as simple as possible for our clients. Early identification of potential costs and time of approvals helps assist our client to manage their project. Our specialists have extensive experience in all phases of the planning and property development cycle with our planners experienced in government systems and regulations.

Coupled with our unmatched access to quality advice and information, we are able to deliver high quality, commercially successful and sustainable projects, which create ongoing positive assets for our communities. Our town planners are supported by engineers, surveyors, architects and environmental professionals to ensure all aspects of a proposal can be considered at an early stage in the process.

Land Use Planning

  • Master planning of residential and rural residential estates and subdivisions.
  • Commercial development projects.

Statutory Planning

  • Local Environmental Studies.
  • Preparation of Development Control Plans.
  • S94 Plans.
  • Rezoning applications.
  • Development Applications.
  • Statements of Environmental Effects.


  • Government agencies, community groups and developers.
  • Rural landholders on infrastructure projects.
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